Okay, so I have established the fact that first and foremost you must look at yourself as a “Marketer”.

You are not in the business of selling vitamins, juices, services,or anything your company provides.

No, you are in the business of marketing.  Nothing gets done, nothing gets sold without a solid marketing plan.

And if you follow my advice, the solid marketing plan I have laid out for you on this website, you will get plenty of things sold.

In other words, you have identified your target market, past and present Network Marketers.  No, it isn’t everybody who can fog a mirror as you have been taught.

Sure everybody wants more money, more time, more freedom.  But not everybody wants to do it the MLM way.

When you target your market to those that get and understand MLM Network Marketing, your message will resonate with them, and the selling process is so much smoother.

So now that you have your target market, you need to know what message to deliver to them.  And by you understanding your target market, frustrated
MLM’ers, you are able to craft a message that speaks to them.

Your message will address their frustrations, their challenges, their desires and goals with this industry.  And your message will offer them a solution to their problems.

The ultimate marketing is when you are able to address a problem your market has and then offer a solution.  Your marketing system should do and does do that if you follow what I teach.

But now that you have the message and the market, what do you need now?

Traffic!  Not rush hour traffic, but internet traffic.

You can know your market, you can know your message, but if nobody sees it, what good is it?

You need to know how to generate traffic to your message.  Nothing gets done without significant traffic.

You need to learn how to generate that traffic for your MLM.

And now that you understand that you are a marketer, as a marketer you have 2 jobs.  Number 1 is crafting a message to your market.  And number 2 is
understanding how to get your message in front of that market, which is generating traffic.

Some of the free ways I have used successfully (just because it is free does not mean it is ineffective), are using article writing, press releases, posting in forums, commenting on blogs with your link, using MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, and using all of the new social sites out there.  With all these high trafficked websites,free advertising is not a hopeless game anymore.

Some of the paid ways I have used successfully are Google PPC, eZine Advertising, banner ads, and email marketing.  If you have a budget to work with, although free works, you want to implement some of these paid ways because they are powerful.

Obviously if these traffic techniques I described are new to you, you will need to learn how to use them.

So how do you learn?  I will do my best to give you my resources and what I do to generate high quality targeted traffic.  But I can’t do that all at once.  It takes time.

But I do have a resource that I have learned most of my techniques from.

See the resource and the business by clicking here.

You will love the resource because it isn’t just do this, do that, with a list of resources.  No, it actually has the part that does the training, but it also comes complete with a step by step process map for each traffic generation tactic.

How cool is that?  Once you go through the course, you will have a detailed outline, step by step on how to use each source.

No more guesswork.  No more wondering if you are applying the techniques correctly.  It is all laid out.

21 traffic generating techniques, but something else you will love is this:  Most of the techniques are free.  That’s right free.

No more spending thousands on Google or whatever traffic source you have used in the past.  Except for 2 or 3 sources that cost money, the rest are free.

Imagine generating endless leads for your MLM Network Marketing company for free.  You can do that by clicking right here.

Grab it now!  You have nothing to lose.

You will love it!

To the top,